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02-28-2012, 6:50 AM
I was bugging the guys over at Rhineland Arms to let me have one of their barrels unturned in full 1" bull profile for my 2nd small ring conversion and they've relented. The first batch will be fairly small but if you want one, 3 weeks (hey it's not 2-weeks right ;) ). Good news if you ask me

They'll also offer them for large ring mausers.

Why care, well the tapered barrel they sell is neat and totally fine but it's going to heat up pretty fast when I go out blastin'/plinking and a heavy profile barrel is closer to the look of the DeLisle Carbine than to the Destroyer Carbine. It'd be nice as hell at least for me to have a cali legal copy of both to the extent that I can and to the extent that every LEO I come across doesn't look at it and think it's a suppressed rifle.

I know, I know the C&R guys are flippling out right now saying why don't I pick on rifles that deserve to be fiddled with. Well, nothing makes a better custom gun than a mauser right?

From what I've seen Rhineland also makes kits for Lee-Enfield bolt guns but I also recall that those are very hard to get a barrel off of and so far the mausers have been pretty easy going.

So all you guys that have a .45acp mauser or have been thinking about one, all the better reason to do it now.

BTW... with the rifle action you're not limited to .45acp pressures. I don't advocate using .45acp brass for this, .460 rowland cut to .888-.898 is appropriate and was designed at the outset for high pressure. 230gr bullets at 1600fps or 185's at 1800 from a 16" tube.

02-28-2012, 8:27 AM