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02-28-2012, 3:20 AM

A calgunner was recently doing a paper and needed research material, couldnt find the link at that time. With the site's permission, this is it.

02-28-2012, 5:04 AM
Good read, thank you.

The author, of course, doesn't really handle the stats quite right. Statements like, ". . .as gun ownership increases, so does economic freedom.", tend to suggest that the increased gun ownership caused the increased economic freedom when it could be that increased economic freedom results in increased gun ownership. You can parse his statements as being technically correct, but he could be more careful about the language he uses.

He does the same thing with gun ownership and corruption. The stats don't really show that greater gun ownership results in less corruption, it may simply be that non-corrupt governments allow or promote gun ownership. Again, he is not necessarily technically incorrect, but he is not nuancing things as he should (IMHO).

Anyway, you get the idea as to why I think he could explain things more correctly.

At absolute worst, the stats make it very difficult to intelligently argue that gun ownership per se adversely affects a society.

But a very worthwhile read nonetheless. The stats are very interesting.

02-28-2012, 5:57 AM
wlcm, sir