View Full Version : CA Legal AR rifle build question.

04-05-2007, 12:38 AM
So let me qet this straight before I spend any money for the parts to build a CA legal AR. My idea was to get these parts, once I list them please let me know if they will conform to the state law.

1. Stag Arms striped lower reciever.( I understand that it is a off list reciever.)
2. AR-15 lower parts kit.(Includes pistol grip, trigger group, bolt release etc.)
3. 6 position collaspible stock
4. Prince50 fixed magazine kit with bushmaster 10 round mag

I already have a 20" upper that I'm going to use . Once these parts are assembled with the magazine fixed to the lower receiver will this be considered a CA legal AR-15.? I DON'T want to live in fear Looking in the rear view mirror everytime I go to and from the range. Your prompt replies will be appreciated

04-05-2007, 1:34 AM
you poor bastard. all replys are just going to say "search"

04-05-2007, 4:58 AM
you poor bastard. all replys are just going to say "search"
Not to disappoint,

Use the search feature!:D