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02-26-2012, 11:04 PM
I would like to reload 270 winchester. I have the dies, 250 empty casings, 150 130 grain bullets. I need a scale, press, powder measure, shell holder for 270/30-06, and anything else one might think I need. I am in the Irvine area. tell me what you have, price, and whether or not you are willing to ship if out of area. If pictures, and info, send to my email:

02-27-2012, 1:38 PM
it may be worth it to get the hammer whacker lee loader to try it out its so cheap and kind of fun



you wont need a scale it has a scoop that you use the suggested powder in a caliper would be nice to get a seat depth also you will need large rifle primers
if you go buy next months car craft they have a coupon for the caliper at harbor freight for $10

its a shame the stuff is so expensive to ship because as coincidental as this may sound i met an old guy at the range and wanted to sell his reloading stuff and it was a lyman spartan press and oil dampened scale,a redding powder thrower lyman 30-06 dies,eagle 270 dies and shellholder a beat up reloading book,a bag of 3006 and a bag of 270 win a funnel all for $60 mounted to a board for portable use clamp it to the table and load at the range i wish i could get it to you cause i dont even have a 3006 or 270

i only reload for 30 carbine and 223