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02-26-2012, 7:32 PM
Make: Kahr P9 w/ NEW Meprolight Night Sights & FIVE MAGS!!!!

Model: P9 (not to be confused with the cheaper CW9)

Caliber: 9mm

Location (city or county): Los Angeles

Price: was $550 but now $500 FIRRRRRRRRRRM or I keep

Will ship (Y/N): Niet

Other info: Up for trade or sale is a two tone Kahr P9 in excellent condition w/ fresh Meprolight night sights & FIVE MAGS for ONLY $500, byer pays transfer fee. MSRP is $739 without night sights, but the realistic gun store price is $699 new. Need cash since I just bought another toy out of impulse :), but willing to trade. Let's see those trade offers! I got this from a fellow Calgunner a few weeks ago and only put 21 flawless rounds through it. This is a wonderful CCW piece and has not been shot much. I always allow the buyer to inspect and test fire my guns at a range before buying so let me know if you want to set that up (just add me to your lane which is usually $8 - 10 at most ranges). If you don't like it after test firing, no hard feelings. Awesome smooth DAO trigger on this and night sights are new and bright as heck. This is a perfect CCW gun, and that is why I dont need it. If you're considering the smaller PM9, do yourself a favor: go handle a Kahr PM9 and a P9. I guarantee you'll prefer the P9.

Comes with original box, papers and FIVE MAGS. MUST SEE PICS below (the brown spot on barrel in 2nd pic is just oil).




Make: YUGO SKS w/ Scoutscopes.com scope mount

Model: YUGO SKS w/ Scoutscopes.com scope mount

Caliber: 7.62 x 39

Location (city or county): Los Angeles

Price: $300 Firm

Will ship (Y/N): Niet

Other info: Yugo SKS in awesome condition w/ ATI synthetic stock and scoutscopes.com scope mount. That's it, as this is how I bought the gun (no bayonet). Has not been fired much as you will see if you inspect the bore, shiny and mint. I am 2nd owner. First owner fired less than 150 rounds through it, and I only test fired 7 flawless rounds. I have some nice guns and I'm just not into the SKS rifles. The forward mounted scope mount is new and alone costs $77. Here's the link: http://scoutscopes.com/sks-scope-mounts/sks-scope-mount-black-anodized-6795/. Will not part so don't ask. Pics coming soon.

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I like to bump it bump it

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bump it

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Let's see those trade offers

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Price drop to $520!! you want this!!! THIS IS A GOOD DEAL

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Trade pending, but taking back up offers just in case.

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trade fell through, back up for sale/trade!

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I have about 20 handguns and gazillion magazines and I forgot I had THREE MORE mags for this gun. So here's the deal: price drop to $500 with FIVE MAGS (2 Kahr, and 3 promag). If you buy this gun new, youre an idiot when you can have this deal :). Meprolight night sights are NEWLY installed and big and bright.

03-24-2012, 6:53 PM
would this be considered a compact or sub comp?

03-24-2012, 7:16 PM
I would say it's more closer to sub compact, but it is larger than the kahr PM9 and Ruger LCP. its the same size as the Kahr CW9 i believe. Anyone else know the exact answer to this?

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What stock is on the SKS? How about a pic?

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so bump everyone else's add down to brag you sold it? JUST EDIT YOUR ADD!!! It was already on top when I replied..