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04-03-2007, 11:28 AM
Where are all the 2nd Amendment supporters?

2 April, 2007 (12:37) | Firearms, News, Politics 5 Responses

Seriously… Did millions of gun owners and gun rights activists go on vacation and quit checking their email? Was the victory of getting Zumbo canned enough to make them think that all was good in the 2A world? Has everyone just given up due to the political restructuring since the last election? I would love to know the answer…

For my regular readers (4 or 5 of you, if even that many) this is old news. Red’s Trading Post is currently fighting a legal battle with the ATF. Their shop (the oldest gun store in Idaho) is being shut down by the ATF over minor clerical issues. The ATF is using this same tactic across the nation. Reports have been flowing into Red’s from FFL holders and gun owners saying “the same thing is happening here!”. Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine has reported that in 2006 the number of FFL revocations was up nearly 6 times what it was in 2001. Is the light bulb starting to come on? Shutting down dealers means less access for the average American gun buyer! Sure, that pesky 2nd Amendment means that you can own a gun, but what if you can no longer find a shop to buy one? The ATF is not at your door demanding that you turn in your guns, but they seem to be hard at work in restricting your legal means of purchasing a gun. Are you starting to get the picture?

Now, here is the part where I’m starting to get frustrated. Red’s has started an online petition asking for fair treatment of FFL dealers. This has been out there for a few weeks and there are only a little over 2000 signatures on it as I write this. There should be tens of thousands on it by now! Is this information just not getting out to the gun owning public? I know Red’s is doing everything they can to get the word out. But surprisingly, many of the outlets that should be jumping on this are remaining silent. Hello? NRA? Would it hurt to return a call or add this to one of your ILA action alerts? I have written to them and… nothing.

Before I go on, I need to make something crystal clear. This petition is not about Red’s Trading Post. It is about fair treatment of ALL FFL dealers! That means YOUR local dealer (assuming they have not been shut down already).

Doing what I can to help, I have sent a letter not only to the NRA, but also to many influential bloggers in the internet. The reaction was much less than I expected. Two bloggers, Kim duToit and SondraK were very helpful and a good number of petition signatures came from that exposure. There were even a few pro-gun bloggers that linked to Kim’s post to help spread the word. I have nothing but heart-felt thanks for those who helped to get the word out. Here is the letter that was sent.

I’m writing you today to ask for your help. Not for money, just to help spread the word about the abuses of the AFT against law abiding gun dealers. We need a “blogburst” or whatever they are called these days.

Red’s Trading Post in Twin Falls, Idaho (Idaho’s oldest gun store) is being shut down by the ATF over minor clerical mistakes. The owners and staff at Red’s are like family to me. They provided a lot of help and advice to me while I was setting up my own business, and continue to help promote my firearms classes. Right now, this is the only way I can help them back.

Red’s has started an online petition asking for fair treatment of FFL dealers by the ATF. As of this time, they have only received about 860 signatures. This is unacceptable. One of the silly “Impeach Bush” petitions that will likely go nowhere has almost 19,000 signatures!

Please understand that this petition is not about Red’s Trading Post. It is about all FFL dealers. Law abiding dealers across the nation are being shut down for trivial issues. Small dealers usually have to close as the legal costs would bankrupt them. (Red’s has already spent $20K in their fight) This also affects the average gun owner. Where will you buy your guns when your local dealer is shut down?

Please read about Red’s battle with the ATF at http://www.redstradingpost.com/atf.php
JPFO is also spreading the word at http://jpfo.org/alert20070321.htm
The petition can be found at http://www.petitiononline.com/redstrad/petition.html
Red’s site also has links to stories of other dealers facing similar problems with the ATF.

A line in the sand is being drawn. Red’s is ready to lead the fight for fair treatment of dealers. We need people to sign the petition and become vocal about the issue. Please take some time to read about this issue and spread the word if are willing to help protect FFL dealers and the 2nd Amendment.

As I am also a FFL holder, realize that I’m sticking my business neck on the proverbial chopping block by being vocal about this issue and the petition. What do you have to loose by showing your support? Without support, we all loose our 2nd Amendment rights as more dealers are forced to close shop.

Thank you for your time and any help you may be able to offer,

George C. Kinslow II
Idaho Ordnance
Firearms Training & Gunsmithing

Most of the letters that I sent out went unanswered. I was really hoping that Michelle Malkin would have something to say about it, but nothing. I’m sure she gets thousands of emails a day saying “look into this”, and she can only do so much… But that kind of exposure would have been priceless, and it is desperately needed. But she did have time to write about some bad gun related journalism. LINKY Another popular pro-gun blogger wrote back saying that he would “look into it”. So far, nothing… I won’t call him out as he may truly be researching the issue.

Here is what’s bugging me…
In February, writer/TV host Jim Zumbo made a disparaging remark about AR/AK style rifles and how they are only useful for terrorism. The internet exploded with reaction to his comment. Gun owners wrote letters, made phone calls and basically threw a fit. All with good reason. Zumbo is/was very influential in the gun industry and hunting circles. Within days, his sponsors dropped him like a bad habit. He was basically without a job and had very few friends. There was hardly a pro-gun blog that did not write about this. Pro-gun grassroots in action. To his credit, Zumbo is turning the corner and is actively fighting FOR the 2nd Amendment. Again, the internet is buzzing with his actions.

Where is the pro-gun grassroots exposure with the Red’s / ATF issue? Stop and think about this issue for a minute… This is a modern day David & Goliath story! A small, family owned gun shop is taking on the ATF. They are not only fighting for their survival, but for the survival of all FFL dealers. They refuse to roll over and give up like so many other shops were forced to. They want to prevent this from happening to other dealers. Red’s wants more than to win their case, they want reform within the ATF.

You would think that this story would be spreading across the net like wildfire, and that thousands of gun owners would be supporting the petition… Yet, with very few exceptions, there has been a virtual silence about this on the internet. Maybe some figure “why should I care about some small shop in Idaho?”. Maybe some are afraid to be vocal about criticizing the actions of the ATF (and there is historical reason for this…). Maybe some gun owners just don’t see the big picture with this issue. Maybe some are just full of hot air, talking a big talk, yet unwilling to take a stand and join the fight…

If this is the first that you have heard of this issue, please follow the links in the letter above and read about this case. Sign the petition and spread the word. It is time to take a stand and address this issue. Don’t wait till your local shop is being closed for trivial reasons to become active about this… It may be too late by then.

04-03-2007, 11:40 AM
Well, you've got to understand that there are a LOT of people out there who support the 2nd Ammendment, but to varying levels. There are the literalists who believe in zero gun restrictions all the way to the folks who want lots of restrictions, but still allow people generally to have access. Think of it as folks who support the TX-style gun laws vs CA-style gun laws. Then there are the "all guns are bad" folks :?

04-03-2007, 11:56 AM
I dunno why Red's in Idaho thinks it gets special privileges over the hundreds or thousands of other FFLs that are harassed by ATF for (probably) far lesser violations.

CA FFLs already have to run a much tighter ship due to DOJ stuff, which somewhat helps on the ATF compliance side, and they're having lotsa trouble here.

04-03-2007, 7:09 PM
Gunnies don't seem to like yelling at politicians, but when it comes to yelling at each other, they can't send hatemail fast enough.

Why do we always fight each other when we have bigger fish to fry??? :confused: :(

Creeping Incrementalism
04-03-2007, 7:12 PM
I know people in Twin Falls and so had heard verbally about Red's getting shut down before it was on the Internet, and have since visited Red's website, but hadn't noticed the petition until now. I just signed it.

I know this happens to lots of FFLs, but I think Red's is a good example of a case to make more noise about.

04-03-2007, 7:23 PM
I hate to see any gun dealer go through the ATF hoops. I grew up in Buhl about 22 miles from Twin Falls and have great memories of Reds. Got on Red's site and signed the petition..... thanks for posting this aileron.