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02-21-2012, 5:18 PM
I don't feel like re-typing my short novel of a complaint letter I sent to several of Turner's office personnel, but long story short, I never received a CZ I paid for (after being promised just a few day wait). To top it off, the asst. manager was a rude ***** about the whole ordeal and out of line (have witnesses on several occasions).

Sent 2 emails and made 3 phone calls to Rob. Called me back once (on a Saturday) and I immediately called back with no return response. Thankfully Bill O. is a great guy and handled it for me, getting my money back after a 2 week wait that they botched.

Since we've spent well over 10 grand at Turners in the last decade +, I figure I wont let a few bad experiences stop me from shopping there. I've said it before that Hector, Carol, and Bill are outstanding and I mean it.

Fast foward a month and I order a .38 special. It's to be transferred from Torrance and will take "3 days". To avoid being a ***** I decide I won't call until they do. However, fast forward a month...I decide I'd like a Ruger 22/45 also since they are on sale and so inquire about the .38 before coming in to buy the Ruger. They say the gun's been sitting there with my name on it for a while - no phone call, no email.

I politely cancel the order over the phone. I'm pretty sure I'll take my cash elsewhere from here on out. People can swear to you all they want about improvement, but when this crap happens repeatedly, I'll stick with the private FFL's such as Ernie on this site, or other Calguns supporters who appreciate our business and follow up on sales. Mistakes shouldn't happen this many times in a row and it's not like I've ever asked for anything free.

If I had a time machine, I'd have dropped my 10-15k elsewhere, but such is life. That may be chump change in the big picture, but hopefully others and myself learn from my mistake.

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02-21-2012, 7:21 PM
Yes sir. I've encountered "difficult" managers and assistants in the past, but have never been spoken down to (on several different visits mind you). I started out polite each time and have had witnesses. ***** bastard was referring to the CZ as "just the cheap model" to try and belittle me canceling the sale. Not that it matters, but it wasn't the "cheap model".

In his defense, he wasn't involved with the .38 transaction however. Still, no one ever contacted me as two of them promised.

02-21-2012, 8:23 PM
Lucky guess. Same experience. Total BS.Another quick thanks to Mark for telling my buddy and I to go to Ammo bros for our PPT that he refused to do. I gave them another chance after explaining the ridiculous situation to Rob prior to buying yet ANOTHER gun from Ammo Brothers in Ontario, where John (Manager) always takes care of business with a smile. Rob quoted me a price $80 over the AB deal. Nice service recovery attempt, even though I had to track Turners down after filing a complaint. Was never contacted prior to the insulting quote.
While on a rant, let me continue. I went into turners to pick up a flashlight last Thursday after work around 5 pm. I was informed by the young lady at the front counter that the sale did not start until Friday. I pointed out that fact that I was leaving for a camping trip and would not be in town friday. She asked( guess who) if he would honor the sales price the eve prior to the sale.....(Empty store). I stood there for 20 min as she sat the flashlight on the counter and proceeded to field phone calls, never acknowledging me. Another gentleman who also received the sale email laid a light on the counter and was quoted the non sale price. The gal, still on the phone making small talk nodded her head "NO". I looked at her in disbelief when she informed me the Mark told her that they would only sell guns at the sales price prior to friday. I dropped the $100 in fishing line and ammo I was holding on the counter and walked out, as did the other customer. We had a brief conversation in the parking lot about how this place has gone to crap. I will gladly spend more money online or in any other store. I'm done. I will waste not another minute there.