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02-20-2012, 2:41 PM
This is my first 1911 and took it out to the range for the first time today. All I can say is wow. I was shooting Federal Champion .45 from Walmart and this gun is super accurate. I shot 100 rounds throught it and it ran flawlessly. Once I got used to the sights I managed to put 14 rounds in about a 1" group at 15 or so yards (taking my time in between shots of course). I am completely in love with this gun. I thought the $1500 price tag was a little expensive for my first 1911 but its worth every penny and then some. I wish I had some pictures to share but I left the phone in the car. Here's one I took when I picked it up.


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02-20-2012, 2:51 PM
I have a TRP in Armory Kote. I love it! Most accurate pistol I've ever fired.

02-20-2012, 2:58 PM
Congrats. Thats a great gun. But youve screwed yourself starting out with a trp. Might as well jump in with both feet. Ill suggest a nighthawk for your next gun.

02-20-2012, 3:04 PM
I am so jealous your first 1911 is TRP model:drool5:

02-20-2012, 3:05 PM
I'm picking up my TRP Operator in Armory Kote tomorrow. It's got a sexy bull barrel on it. Can't wait!

02-20-2012, 3:22 PM
I'm picking up my TRP Operator in Armory Kote tomorrow. It's got a sexy bull barrel on it. Can't wait!

Pics after you pick it up!

02-20-2012, 3:27 PM
sounds about right for a TRP....and $1500 isn't bad at all for the accuracy you get...other brands charge double for the same performance.

02-20-2012, 3:29 PM
Congrats on a GREAT gun! i still use my TRP ALOT, it's got close to 15K rnds through it of all sorts of garbage stuff as well as good stuff and I have yet to have a non-ammunition related problem! The bonus is, if you need any mods or improvement, you just send it in to the Custom shop and retain your warranty and get the best of the best! LOVE the TRP!!! you did the right thing for sure. and $1500 for a gun of that level of quality and "rightness" is about right. Nicely done!

02-20-2012, 3:43 PM
My first 1911 was also a TRP and it looks just like yours except for my fiber optic front sight.

I'm still fairly new to pistols, but I've learned something about the accuracy of guns. All modern pistols are fairly accurate. From a Glock to an XD to an M&P, they're all going to hit pretty consistently within 20 yards. I think the difference between these guns when we talk about accuracy is how it makes US shoot. The design of the 1911 and its components (e.g. trigger bar, relatively narrow body and grip, well balanced...) makes us better shooters able to execute repeatably on the proper basics.

I'd bet that if you strap any of the guns I mentioned above into a ransom and squeezed off a few shots from 15 yards, they'd all pretty much look the same. But trying to do that off hand, and 4 out of 5 shooters will group better with the 1911.

02-20-2012, 7:36 PM
Very nice!!!! I have the full railed version and I can't say enough about it. Congrats

02-20-2012, 7:48 PM
Congrats. Nice shooting. My first 1911 was the TRP Operator full rail. Still my favorite out of all of my pistols.

02-21-2012, 10:04 AM
Congrats! My first 1911 was a NIB Gold Cup. Have a full rail TRP Operator also.
Happy shooting