View Full Version : Standard cut tritium sights

02-20-2012, 8:16 AM
Another question for Calguns: I'm trying to find a set of Tritium 3-dot sights for my new toy-RIA 1911 GI. The info I've gathered so far says the GI uses Standard (GI?, Mil-spec?) sight cuts on the slide. Entering "Standard cut 1911 night sights" on Google also brought up terms like "Novak cut" and "Bomar cut". :shrug: Is there a set out there (SA, Kimber, S&W, etc.) that will fit my slide without mods? Do I have to piece together two different sets? Or should I just bite the bullet and have a gunsmith cut my dovetails to fit the sights I want?:confused:
Also, I searched Google, Calguns, and 1911forums and didn't find any answers.
Also again, my pick up's in 4 days so I don't have the gun on hand to measure the sight cuts myself.