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02-19-2012, 6:24 PM
I have not had a chance to make it to a gun shop yet to ask the question, so I hope that I can get some advice here.

My dad wants to give me a mossberg 500 persuader 4.10 pump shotgun with pistol grip. (I have done a bit of research and believe it to be a legal gun for california. True?) The problem is that he got it from his dad when he passed away and did not do any transfer of ownership or register it. And he does not know if his dad registered it either. What would I have to do to get it legally registered under my name?

02-19-2012, 6:26 PM
As of today, long guns are not registered, nor do they have to be.

02-19-2012, 6:27 PM
Your dad can just hand you a long gun if you're both residents of the same state. The same would have been true for his father.

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02-19-2012, 6:36 PM
Follow this to find out if it is legal.
And I believe you do not need a transfer nor need to have it registered under your name. I'm no expert on the laws or a lawyer but I think you should be good to go. Someone else will probably chime in with a more definitive answer.

02-19-2012, 9:39 PM
Parents, children, and spouses can still hand each other guns for now. Brings a tear to my eye...