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d sauce
02-19-2012, 1:08 PM
I received a box of assorted ammo from a friend and theses two types of magazines were in the box. I am looking to sell or trade them eventually but in order to do that I need to learn a little more about them.

The first four (4) are marked FN and 9mm underneath that. I know they are for a 380 auto because 9mm don't fit and in the ammo he gave me there were a few boxes of 380. I would guess that these mags hold 6 or 8 rounds.



The second two (2) magazines are not marked and are for a 25 auto. These things are tiny and probably only hold 6 or 7 rounds.


I will take additional pictures and post them if it helps. So if you know make, model, value or any other pertinent information about these mags let me know. Thanks.

02-19-2012, 2:48 PM
Those .25's look like they could be for a Colt 1908 'vest pocket'. If so, they would probably be worth $30-40.


Actually, it looks like prices have gone up

02-19-2012, 2:59 PM
9mm corto is another name for .380 auto, thats why those mags are marked 9mm.

d sauce
02-19-2012, 4:46 PM
sephy you are right about the one on the right with the 5 holes. It has the same markings as the one in the gunbroker auction. I feel like a dork for not looking on the bottom of them. I would imagine the other one is just a different brand of the same magazine.

G force I did not know that. Thank you for clarifying. Any idea of what they go to?

02-19-2012, 5:06 PM
Possibly for a Browning model 1955 in 9mm x 17mm (.380ACP) or an earlier variant of that design -- the 1910 or 1922. Should hold 6 rounds. The GCA of 1968 ended import of that lineage.

d sauce
02-19-2012, 6:40 PM
Thanks jake. Judging from the pictures that I saw, it looks like that is the correct model for these magazines. Thanks again Calguns.