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02-18-2012, 3:03 PM
hello i have just became a member of your group.
i am in the navy stationed in lemoore ca, i am from nc and have bought all my guns there, that being said i would like to get a colt LE901-16S i have spoken to a dealer in ca but they are unable to order it and modify it to be ca legal.
is there a way i can get this gun in ca and set it up to be legal here , or am i better off buying it in NC altering it with smaller clip, and the magazine lock there then bringing it into ca.
i ask because i am new to the laws here and would prefer not to be arrested or detained.
i plan 2 buy 2 colts one being the 308 and the other a 223, the ca version 223 will work off the shelf for my wife but since i would like the 308 im trying to figure out how i could get it and keep it some what original since i leave ca often to shoot and hunt.
thank you all for any info you can provide.

02-18-2012, 10:32 PM
Contact Grant at G&R Tactical. He will definitely take care of you, and/or answer your question. He will be the fist one I contact when I get ready to buy a Colt LE901-16S.


02-16-2016, 11:53 AM
hi yes you can set up the colt le901 to be c.a legal first thing since you bought your gun out of state you have a 20 round mag or mags that hold more than 20 rounds now since you are in the navy you must not not ever take those mags off base ever those mags are very illegal in c.a if u get caught with just one in your possession its a felony unless you are a active cop or have a special permit or license to have it. here in c.a the maximum amount of rounds that any mag can hold is 10 that's it just 10 hand guns rifles shotguns doesn't mater if its magazine fed the limit is 10. So now to make your le901 c.a legal buy some 10 round mags the next thing you need to do is install a bullet button on it. you can order the c.a legal bullet button online and have it shipped to you if you don't know hot to install the bullet button I'm sure somone on base maybe in the armory can do it for you if not take the gun and button to a local gun smith and have them install the bullet button. Now if you take up residence in c.a after installing the bullet button you will need to take the gun to a ffl dealer and have it registered with the state because now its illegal for any resident of c.a to have a unregistered firearm of any kind I hope this helps

wagon b0y
02-16-2016, 6:46 PM
You will also have to disable the ambi mag release. If you don't, you can still release the mag with a bullet button without a tool.

Also good luck finding one. Theres only a couple on gun broker. If you buy one online, you can send it to audiophil2 on here and he can make it CA legal and ship it to a FFL near lemoore. I suggest Smokin Barrel in visalia. They charge 50$ which includes dros. Or maybe kings gun center, but i don't know how much they charge. They are in hanford.