View Full Version : Put a new rifle in jail today!

02-17-2012, 11:20 PM
I ended up getting a black stock/blued Howa/Hogue 1500 Ranchland Compact in .308Win, sans the packaged scope.
MSRP is $558.00. I got it for $329.97 along with a 5% discount for a total of $313.47 before tax and DROS (56% or so of the MSRP). OTD with a returnable $8.99+tax gun lock was $370.83.

I'm happy I spent the extra $100 and got a good bolt action .308 instead of more AR lowers that would probably be sitting for awhile anyways. Grandpa's Savage 99F is nice, no doubt, but the lever action is kind of a pain while bench shooting. It seems Howa has their own break-in procedure, so I guess I may as well spend the bit of time and perform their procedure. I'll have to pick up a cleaning rod and some patches when I get the gun, unless I find something good on Amazon in the meantime.