View Full Version : FYI SR40C owners....10 round magazines

Mossy Man
02-17-2012, 4:37 PM
For those of us who are non-LEO and own SR40Cs (which come with 9 round mags) you can buy standard sized SR40 10 round magazines and use the compact magazine adapter to fit and give it a larger grip.

This has a few advantages and disadvantages but just wanted to let everyone know they do work.

I asked on this forum once and nobody had a definite answer, so I went out and got some at River City Gun Exchange.

$34 for the magazine, $10 for the extension.

Still cheaper than the factory magazine direct from Ruger.

Works well, a little wiggly when empty but with a full mag you can't feel it.

Gets you that CA-10 round limit and if you want maybe a larger grip for range use or w/e it works.