View Full Version : Sig P6 magazines at AIMSurplus

02-17-2012, 10:15 AM
Anyone purchased some of the used Sig P6 magazines from AIMSurplus? They say the magazines are "Mechanically in Excellent condition". These have got to be better than the pro-mag ones, especially since they're actual sig factory/police turn-in mags.


Thinking of getting some and then replacing the old factory springs with wolff magazine springs. Seems these mags were unavailable for a while.

02-17-2012, 10:56 PM

02-18-2012, 7:33 AM
for twenty bucks, they look like a great deal to me (and they probably will be marked P6 since they are surplus). The new Sig P225 Factory ones are expensive, and Promags are junk. I'm going to order some.

02-18-2012, 8:02 AM
Those look to have the same wear patterns that I have on my p6 mags. (which work perfectly) I may have to get a couple more anyway. Thanks for the heads-up on this

02-21-2012, 7:51 PM
I ended up buying 6 mags. They were hard to find at a reasonable price after the ran out for a while when the P6's initially came out a few years ago. I wanted to get a surplus p228 but I guess I missed the boat on that. They seem to have gone up to $600?