View Full Version : Transfering a USP Tatical from my brother.

02-17-2012, 6:43 AM
This question most likely has been asked but I could not find an answer using the search.

My brother bought a USP tactical .45 before the California ban. We have replaced the barrel with a non-threaded one from Jarvis. So far, every gun dealer I have talked to here in San Diego has informed me that the gun is nontransferable. Is this true or am I just getting a load of BS?

02-17-2012, 6:57 AM
Is it registered as an 'assault weapon'? I dont really know about 'assault pistol' laws, but I am sure someone will chime in soon.

As far as I know, registered 'assault weapons' are non-transferable this side of the wire, even to relatives.

02-17-2012, 7:24 AM
If its a registered assault weapon,then no, not transferable to a CA resident.

If it is not a registered assault weapon, then yes, it is transferable.

Just keep the threaded barrel out of the FFL's store, stuff like that gets their panties all wadded up.

02-17-2012, 8:10 AM
Are you both California Citizens ? Local to each other ?

02-17-2012, 8:14 AM
The big question is, is it a registered 'assault weapon'? If not, make it complaint (sounds like you did that) and find an FFL that doesnt have his head up his ***. If not, welll... you can keep it, sell it out of state, or turn it into to the police for "destruction".

02-17-2012, 9:04 AM
Thx guys for your input. I'll check with my brother if the gun has been registered as an assault weapon, even though we already made it compliant.

02-17-2012, 9:08 AM
I dont know a lot of reg'ing AW's, before my time, but if is, I dont think it needs to be compliant. If he cant sell it, might as well put the threaded barrel back on it...

Lot of good it does without a suppressor, but hey, its an in your face to CADOJ (I wish...)