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02-16-2012, 8:02 PM
The ACR allows me to utilize a very low natural cheek weld which is nice. Also for tactical reasons it also reduces my overall profile.

I can also take advantage of this by running a very low optic. This further reduces my profile as well as reducing the obstructions between my eye and what they are looking at. Since sights are secondary they have been chosen accordingly.

Unfortunately with my low cheek hold I have to raise up off the stock to get a good sight picture with the standard moe sights or any standard height sights otherwise I am looking through the middle of the body on them.

With micro troy sights and a raised cheek rest position on the acr and a riser on my optic I can co witness. However with the sights flipped up most of my sight picture is obstructed. Also this is backwards from adapting to my primary optic instead.

Another issue is that during a speed reload, my hand which sits in front of the standard sights often deflects off the folded front sight under duress. Making me miss the forward charging handle completely unless I slow down. I have made several changes to my acr lke straightening the charging handle and adding a rail cover to reduce abrasions. But after looking around alot and trying numerous sights and attending a bunch of shooting matches including 3 gun I decided to run 45 degree angle sights.

At first I tried the dueck sights which are exactly like the standard ar sights with the full range of adjustments. However I found this to be slow to transition to under stress. And didn't work at night despite meaning I always had sights to utilize if my optic failed. Without taking time during Murphy's intervention to deploy them and remove my optic.

Then I tried adding tritium inserts which helped and gave me night time always on readiness but it still seemed clumsy and slow.

About that time I stumbled on some new sights by xs that are a 45 degree version for ar15's of there standard sight package that I use on my pistols.


They are basically close quarters sights, even the instructions says standard point of aim point of impact with 55gr hornady tap is 25 yards. Though they are adjustable for wind and elevation and can be flipped around to use on both sides. The long range parabolic arc has them 6inches high at 200 yards and 1.2 inches high at 300 so you can use them at long distance. So long as you run a carbine width on them, shorten or lengthen that distance and there abilities change accordingly.


Offcenter pic to show both sights at the same time.


And while the front sight is tritium the rear is not so you will need to be familiar with what is a good hold at night. Super easy on the acr with the unique shaped butt pad that puts 45 degrees in a repeatable pocket.

The front tritium is very easy to acquire at night and you can go from optic to sights with literally about an inch of movement at the wrist. Split second one to the other and back.

getting the two sights into the field of view for the camera while holding the rifle proved impossible so this is the best I can do you can barely see the red dot below the green.


For my acr I was actually able to move the front sight to the rear more to clear the charging handle action without any side effects to short range accuracy. The rear is also moved forward to the rear of the sight which usually is a trijicon reflex rm04 but the base needed to be 1/4 inch higher to be perfect so I have one coming that also has a throw lever for quick detach. That position reduces the obstruction to me and makes the basic sight picture very very fast. Utilized at ranges longer than 100 yards I would want to move the spacing a bit. This also keeps weight centralized which helps.

As far as other tactical benefits there are many such as reducing exposure pieing a corner and being able to hold full ready instead of a normal low ready. This is because at 45 degrees you have a much more open field of view. But the one I noticed the most was while lying prone.

With a 10/30 mag the low mounted red dot had a level of aim at 10 inches - with the rifle canted over as far as I could and still make a clean shot with the red dot it was 5 inches.

With the 45 degree sights level point of aim was at 6.5 inches and the lowest I was able to aim from was a mere 4 inches.

With a 10/20 mag that dropped to 8 standard red dot to 4 canted. 5 standard with the xs sights and 3 canted.

To clarify this was two handed shooting with a sholder press stable enough for one shot minimum. The 45 degree sights let me hold a stable multi shot hold to a much lower profile than the standard optic.

I hope as time goes by and I have access to the proper filming equipment I can add some more detail to this post including some actual night shooting as I went out solo and couldn't hold my camera and shoot.

If you are looking for sights like these I can highly recommend them. I purchased mine from sportsman depot online for 128.00 here http://www.sportsmans-depot.com/products/XS-Sight-Systems-Xpress-Threat-Interdiction-Sight-AR%252d15-Green-w%7B47%7DWhite-Outline-AR%252d15-Angle-Mount-Sights%252dStandard-Tritium-Front-w%7B47%7D-White-Stripe-Rear.-Perfect-with-magnified-optics.-XTI.html (http://)

I have also mocked up a light attached to the front and they are not obstructed by it. I have light and mount for this build on its way so I will add pics of that as well.

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