View Full Version : USGI M1911 parts ID?

02-16-2012, 5:37 PM
I recently acquired a 1911 parts kit and upon close inspection it's a mix of parts from various USGI sources.

I think it was probably a gun which was re-arsenaled once or many times and then turned in to a parts kit.

I would like to figure out exactly what I've got so I don't waste rare parts on the mix-master 1911 I'm building on a Norinco frame.

For example, I know the smooth flat mainspring housing with lanyard loop is WWI era but I can't identify the manufacturer.

The slide is ~late WWII production but it has a USGI contract replacement barrel from 1985 and then there is an early WWII milled trigger.

I think I've identified everything I can with the resources I've found on the Internet but many parts are still a mystery due to lack of markings and I don't have examples to compare with.

Are there any USGI 1911 experts in the Silicon Valley area that might be able to help?

I've read that there are good books on 1911 identification, is anyone willing to lend?