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02-16-2012, 6:45 AM

FN FAL / Austrian Sturmgewehr 58 (STG58)
Metric Pattern

7.62x51 / .308

Location (city or county):
Bay Area Oakland/Contra Costa/SF

SOLD!!! firm. Buyer pays fees.

Will ship (Y/N): Not at this time

Other info:

What I have here is a STG58/FN FAL on a DSArms Upper Receiver (Type1) "built" by CGWGuns in Nevada. I'm not sure if Rich was the one to build it but I had the parts sent off to him. And when I say "build" I meant that I sent him the barrel and upper receiver to have them indexed, and he headspaced the rifle with the proper locking shoulder for both 7.62x51 and .308 . Final assembly of the rest of the rifle was by me from the parts kit with added 922r compliant parts. For those that don't know a STG58s are like the 'Cadillacs' of metric FAL patterned rifles. Well, there just good.

922r (you need only 7 for a FAL) and mine are:
1. Pistol Grip
2. Gas Piston
3. Upper Receiver
4. Charging Handle
5. 6. 7. Falcon Arms trigger hammer and sear
8. 9. 10. US Made Magazine

I've shot around a 100 rounds of surplus ammo through this and cleaned everytime. Bore is still nice and shiny. I vaguely remember zeroing at 200 yards, but now I can't remember if it was that or 100 yards. Windage should be correct. I'm just not that into 308 right now mostly because of $$$. I don't get to shoot it as much as I want, so I want to find it a new home. I'm sure I'll get back into 308 later, just not for me right now.

Extra parts:
~222 rounds of 7.62x51 with the ammo box at least $100.00
1 10 Round DSarms magazine $25.00
1 5 Round DSarms magazine $25.00
4 20 round rebuilds (metric) $80.00
3 Surplus leather mag pouches $6.00
1 US made DSarms polymer buttstock $39.95
1 US made DSarms plastic pistol grip (extra, I have an US Made Ergo grip on there now) $12.95
2 DSArms Trigger, Hammer, and Sear sets (SO HARD TO GET, they used to never have them in stock) $64.95 x 2
1 US Made vertical take down lever/latch $15.00
1 US Made safety lever and selector switch $25.00
1 pistol grip and buttstock tool $9.95
1 original gas piston
1 original pistol grip
1 original trigger, hammer, sear set
1 original charging handle

That's ~468.75 dollars in extra parts and I haven't even counted the 922r parts that are already on the rifle.

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I will take it. PM sent.

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