View Full Version : What do I need to do to register a pre 1980 Colt .38 special

02-15-2012, 8:25 PM
First I am new to handguns, so I don't know allot about the handgun laws. Here is the story.When my Grandfather passed away he willed my Mother a Colt .38 special revolver with a 5" barrel. My Mother lived in Nebraska at the time, and moved to CA in the late 80's. As far as I know the gun has never been registered sense my grandfather passed away in 1979. I know for a fact when we moved to CA, the gun was never registered here. My Mother recently told me she wanted me to have it. My question is, can I register this gun, or should I let my sister who lives in Nebraska have it? If I can register the gun, what do I need to do?

02-15-2012, 11:51 PM
Everything so far has been legal, since no registration was required for transfers in the '80s. You should fill out the Operation of Law form, and send it in with $19, and enjoy the gun. Since it's from a parent, no dealer transfer or 10 day wait is required, although you may need a Handgun Safety Card, available from any FFL for $25.