View Full Version : WTS: Antique "Mystery" BP Revolver *SPF*

02-15-2012, 7:20 PM

Possibly Metropolitan Arms


1851 pattern



Location (city or county):

Rohnert Park



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Other info:

Here is a .36 cal "51 Colt Navy pattern" revolver, though I hesitate to call it Colt as there are no legible markings in the usual places, perhaps due to an old refinish,possibly 100 yrs ago or more judging by the patina and corrosion on the surfaces. The matching ser. numbers are still legible on the frame, barrel, trigger guard, backstop and cylinder.The number is too low for a Colt in this configuration (no squared trigger guard), however I did some research on it and have concluded that this probably is an 1863-1864 unauthorized copy of a Colt by a New York company called Metropolitan Arms. The Symes bros. rushed into producing a fair copy of the '51 Navy after the Colt factory burned down about that time. They were soon sued out of business for copyright infringement though. Keep in mind, this is ONLY a WAG, I can't be sure (or guarantee) who made this old piece, only that it's period OLD. It functions well and is timed good, it appears the nipples and possibly the rammer were replaced recently,as the rammer has no serial # and the nipples look newer than the cylinder.
Just have one older picture but will post better ones tomorrow.

I'd like $300 for this. If somebody can proof that indeed it is a Metropolitan Arms gun, it'll be worth much much more.