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Make: CZ

Model: RV-85

Caliber: 26.5mm

Location (city or county): Orange


Will ship (Y/N): Y

$300 OBO or will ship for $20, brand new in box with all accessories. Still in box, photo borrowed from web but you get the idea. In 5 years these will probably be worth double.

These are 100% legal to own as a flare gun in CA. However if you want to fire projectiles you must take it to and NFA friendly state, pay your $200 and register it as a DD.


These launchers were manufactured for the Czech Military in the 1980's by CZ at their BRNO facility.

They were originally designed to fire a rocket assisted, barrier penetrating, tear gas grenade. They will also fire any surplus 26.5mm flare, smoke or illumination round. The surplus flares are readily available from many suppliers. In addition, there are several smokeless and black powder reloadable shells available on the market.

These launchers are classified as Flare Signal launchers, so they are non-guns. They are available directly to you without any FFL involvement.

I started doing a little research on these and it appears that only about 2500 of these were ever produced. It looks like under 1000 were imported into the country last year.

These launchers are built very robust. They have chrome lined, solid steel barrels along with a very thick walled chamber area. In addition to firing the surplus flare, smoke and illumination rounds, these launchers are excellent candidates to be registered as Destructive Devices in order to fire a full breadth of heavy, anti-personnel rounds. They are basically a 4 gauge smoothbore.

CZ did a beautiful job on these rifles. The hardwood stocks and blueing are absolutely beautiful. Each of these rifles comes new in the box with a complete set of accessories.

Accessories include:Cleaning kit, Test target, Maintenance tools, Manual, Log book, Sling, Carry case, Spare springs and firing pin.

These RV85's offer a great high quality, inexpensive way to get into the big bore launcher hobby. They also make a great Cold War era collectable.

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I can definitely say that's something you don't see every day!

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