View Full Version : WTB: AR15 16"bbl Midlength Upper

03-30-2007, 6:38 PM
Hello internet,

I'm currently in the market for an upper receiver for an AR15 (5.56/.223 Caliber) with a 16" barrel and a midlength gas system/handguard set. I prefer chrome lined barrels to chrome moly barrels, 1/7 twist rate to 1/9 and matte finish barrels to stainless, though none of these considerations is required.

My primary interest is in a RRA or CMMG upper, though other companies can certainly be of interest. I'm not really interested in rail systems or flip up sights, though the receiver must also be an A3/A4 configuration, basically anything without a fixed carry handle. I'm willing to spend about $500-600 if the perfect upper presents itself, less for things that are less perfect.

Let me know if you're willing to part with such a product either here, via PM or via email at zenmastat@gmail.com.