View Full Version : 308 ammo online or brick and mortar

02-14-2012, 8:59 PM
The price of ammo greatly varies from the traditional brick and mortar LOCAL store to the Online store. I would like to find a bay area store that sells 308 ammo that cost about the same as an online company (palmetto state, ammo to go, ammo bros, ect.) I like the idea to keep the local store in business , but if the online store sells the same ammo for 35% less, it's hard to buy from my local store. Hmmmm what to do?

02-14-2012, 9:17 PM
My local turners carries Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr for something like 24.99$ a box, plus tax. Palmetto has the same thing for 17.99$ and 9$ shipping up to 12 boxes (14$ after that). Needless to say, I ordered 10 boxes of GMM from PSA and enjoyed my 80$ savings.

02-14-2012, 9:44 PM
I load or purchase online for rifle ammo. The savings are just to great for me to support local stores. I will in a pinch buy .223 from Wally World.

02-15-2012, 9:55 AM
I'm sure that my local shop is aware of the price difference, but why do they continue to have such a big price difference. Make sense if they drop their pricing to be competitive.

02-15-2012, 10:44 AM
Rent, utilities, insurance, employees, etc. It costs a lot to keep a business open.

02-15-2012, 10:46 AM
Plus you can't argue with the convenience. If you are heading to the range that day, and absolutely need ammo right now, that's pretty much your only option. I always try to buy as much as I can afford at a time to try and cut down shipping costs (many places have flat rate).

02-15-2012, 11:03 AM
A lot of the on-line stores also make it up on volume and they have low overhead. Your local store might carry a few thousand rounds of something popular like .223, whereas an Ammo Bros. or CTD might carry and sell hundreds of thousands or even millions of rounds for something like this, its the WalMart economy of scale thing.

I try to support my local gun shop by buying my guns from them but as far as ammo, so far it has been CTD, Able, etc. because no local store is even with 30/40% as cheap.


02-15-2012, 12:03 PM
i buy most of the time from target sports usa (free shipping when you buy a case) or ammunition to go either one, i never buy rifle ammo in stores.

02-15-2012, 12:12 PM
I have not found it in the east bay. for the cheap american eagle 150gr stuff it is $20 a box at the local stores and $10.99 online. Sorry local stores I try but that is just way to much.

When I was at canyon sports, they said that if I bought 8 boxes of it they would make me a deal of a lifetime and charge only $17 or $18 a box. woo hoo... um no thank you. If I am running low and need .223 ammo, I will get from them as it is only a couple dollars more a box and ok for small quantities.

If you do find a shop, please let us all know.