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02-14-2012, 1:10 PM
CMP M1 Garand SOLD - Springfield Armory - Service Grade Purchased from CMP abt. 6 8 months ago - never fired by me - serial is in the 5million range which means it was made in the 50's. The Cmp tag marks marks barrel muzzle at 1+ throat at 2+ - stock is in good shape - fore end of stock has more nicks and scratches but the hardware is in generally good condition with some wear on barrel end. I'm only selling because I don't reload and M1 ammo is a little steep for me. Comes with all the CMP paperwork including grading tag, certificate of authenticity, etc. + CMP carrying case. Its a C&R so can do face to face exchange or ship direct with no hassles

Complete Mauser K98 Action SOLD - Marked DOT 1944 with waffen present - Non matching - Barrel is Russian Capture - The complete rest of the action (receiver, bolt, magazine, trigger assembly) have no laser markings so must be bring back - Barrel is bad - All the sights are there except the front hood - Most of the bluing is gone - I shot probably 200 rounds through it - The bolt, safety, magazine feed and everything except barrel works perfectly - I changed the firing pin spring to a stronger one as it didn't like 50's Yugo surplus so now it shoots good. I had the barrel crowned but could never get any accuracy with it. If you don't want the barrel, I can just sell you the rest of the action. Tried to get photo of barrel, but no luck. Glad to answer questions. I'm in SFbayarea and would prefer ftf but will ship - Thanks for reading my post.

SOLD Garand
SOLD complete Mauser action without barrel

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I'll take the Garand

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I'll take the action for $125