View Full Version : $15 for a 12 month Premium Membership with RangeLog.com - Shoot. Log. Improve.

02-14-2012, 8:19 AM
$15 for a 12 month Premium Membership with RangeLog.com - Shoot. Log. Improve.

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Deal Overview
RangeLog.com is an online log book used by shooters to track the details related to their personal training, competition match results, ammunition and personal firearms. With over 60 customizable and easily downloadable reports, RangeLog members can track their firearm maintenance and overall performance online. Premium members of RangeLog.com can also:

* Track and manage an unlimited number of firearm makes and models
* Track the details related to live and dry fire practice sessions
* Track match scores for IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, Skeet, Trap and more
* Track Firearm Maintenance, Inspections and Repairs
* Track details related to purchased or personally loaded Ammo
* Track data related to Chronograph sessions
* View a library of more than 400 courses of fire, stages, drills and qualifications
* Search and view detailed information and view driving directions for thousands of shooting ranges

RangeLog also offers a mobile application to allow members to sync their data from their phone, making the information available with or without an internet connection. RangeLog members may purchase a mobile app from the Android or Apple marketplace for $4.99. This offer is not valid for existing members; first time accounts only.