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02-14-2012, 5:13 AM
Pardon me if you've heard this one before.... I thought it might get better traction in this forum.

Anybody got one of these? These came out last summer I understand. I talked with the owner, the MSRP is 690, with the picatinny rail and m4 stock its another 100 bucks.

They make a CA freindly version with a bullet button. I have some regualr and high cap mags, so I think the grip wrap would be better. It runs a standard AR grip, trigger kit and stock. I know they come in other calibers too. Their website has a few different mods you can get from the factory.

Supposed to be super reliable, and takes Glock mags!

This is from the owner:
Our engineering also put the magazine closer to the chamber than you will find with one of the AR-15 conversions. The tip of the bullet is captured by the chamber as soon as the magazine turns loose of the rim. This virtually eliminates any failure-to-feed issues.

I think you can order from the factory, but Riflegear is a dealer and Bay area gun vault (never been) among others.

The owner posted a pic of the mag lock they made to accomodate CA customers




I suppose someone has made a thread about these, but the search function is just about useless....