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02-13-2012, 5:03 PM
Cohaire Arms (MP5 Clone): Sold

CA 5 40:

.40 gal:

Simi Valley, Ventura County:


Will ship Through FFL or PPT in Burbank or Simi Valley:

Be one of only a few in California to have one of these MP5 clones in .40 gal.

I purchased this rifle in 2009 to make it California Compliant and finally did. I purchased it from another buyer in California, who never shot it, nor did not have the heart shoot it or to convert it after all the modifications that were done at IGF (Investment Grade Firearms, UT - by Jason).

The .40 and the more rare 10mm versions of his (MP5 Clone) were primarily designed for use by law enforcement agencies that wanted more stopping power than the 9mm that the MP5 is famous for. That is why they were never designed to have a bullet button made, and they were also given a bolt hold open switch/lever that American law enforcement officers were used to having. Typically German versions do not have it. The 10mm version was made for the FBI while the .40 was more for the typical law enforcement agency.

I had a fellow Cal Gunner make a custom Bullet Button (BB) that functions great and looks good aesthetically. The reason a custom bullet button had to be made is because the typical bullet button, found on MP5 (9mm) and other firearms, is not there on the receivers for the .40 caliber version. This rifle is one of probably only a few in this state because it could not be sold or shot here legally in CA unless a custom BB was made.

This rifle is almost all-authentic HK. You cannot find another rifle like this for this kind of money. Please read for detailed explanation.

Over $2700 was put into this rifle including the custom work from IGF. Asking $2250.00

This was a new Coharie arms 40S&W rifle that was shipped to Investment Grade Firearms for a total make over by Jason. If anyone knows Jason’s work, it’s awesome. The gun is built on the Coharie receiver that has had the mag well properly fitted and cleaned up. (Some from the factory edges and welds were not to clean around the edges so those were fixed). It has had the rear sight properly aligned; the lower is clipped and pinned. The trigger group has a JLD sear. The gun also has a custom mock suppressor that is custom made by IGF (Turned out of a piece of solid aluminum, not the cheap ones found on other clones). It is pinned to itself rather than to the lug on the barrel, which saves the barrel. The only thing that was left after the conversion was the barrel and the receiver and some other parts, which are Coharie. Most every part of the gun is real HK. It was refinished in HK black by Jason at IGF. This is one sweet gun.

Real HK:
Front and Rear Sight
Cocking tube
Cocking support
Bolt/carrier/recoil rod and spring.
Rear Stock
FBI trigger group with extended selector
1 – 10/30 .40 gal magazine (can be put back to 30 if you go to an appropriate state)

US Made:
Barrel Extension
Front Handguard
Bullet Button

This gun is as close to a real MP5 .40 as your going to get. Meets all requirements for necessary USA parts. Included in sale is Rifle and 1 10/30 magazine.

I have taken it to the range after getting the bullet button made and flawlessly shot 60 rounds…. The only reason I am getting rid of it is to start another project…. This one is complete.

WTS/WTT: Looking a sale, but if you have too, I will take $1600 cash and the rest can be made up in AR magazine parts kits or a .40 pistol. PM with offers.

Please no “Low Ball” offers. If you found an all HK rifle like this it would be $4000-4500 at least, I am willing to let go for $2250. Let me know what you got. Tax returns are coming up, so if you have ever wanted an MP5, but in .40, here it is. PM with offers

To see more pictures, go to photobucket at http://s1126.photobucket.com/albums/l620/hultgrenks/

I forgot to mention... I have an extra rear sight (39.00 value) and a copy of an MP5 manual.

Prefer to FTF Transfer at FT. Courage in Simi Valley. You can pay upon transfer, or PayPal as a gift, or add 3.5% if you do not want to gift.

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PM sent