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02-13-2012, 11:25 AM
Make: DSA, Serial DS28xxx
Model: Standard FAL, light barrel
Caliber: 7.62 x 51mm
Location: Martinez, CA
Will ship: yes

The rest of the info:
DSA Upper, 922r complaint, Falcon HTS, DSA 10 round mag, Penguin Furniture, Tapco charging handle, Solar Tactical FAL grip.

Small Pics In Line, Album Link below


This is a FAL project I built a while ago and need to part with. DSA upper with the original dust cover and Tapco stripper clip feed and rail dust cover (missing mounting hardware, still looking for the zip lock bag). Timed and head spaced with a perfect locking shoulder. Has carry handle eliminator washer installed (carry handle included). Refinished bayonet in Brownells’ GunKote (first project). Comes with standard DSA 10 round magazine and original imported HTS, blank firing adapter, handle, magazine loader and original hammer spring (Falcon spring installed). Also comes with a Tapco SAW hand grip (does not fit with Solar grip).

I have refinished it, blasted it and used Brownells’ GunKote in flat black.


Local inspection in Martinez or at Diablo Sportsman range on weekends. Local PPT preferred and will be given preference. After the 10 day hold and you pick the FAL up, I offer a 10 day shooting/function/accuracy warranty. If the FAL does not meet military spec for accuracy or function, I will buy it back, minus any PPT fees at my local FFL. If shipped, all sales are final and the FAL is shipped FOB Martinez, California.

Buyer of the FAL has first option on the following items. If the buyer declines, then these items will be sold separately and will be available.

FAL IZZY wood handguards and wood butt stock

Israeli wooden hand guards and wooden butt stock. Hand Guard metal has been refinished with Brownells’ GunKote flat black, includes spacers, retaining ring and mounting screw. Butt stock has been sanded and finished with BLO. Butt Stock includes front ferrule but does not have the buttplate or swing swivel (original sling swivel for the FAL is a little larger than the cut out)

Butt Stock =
Butt Stock has a new home, SOLD!

Hand guards with spacing rings & retaining ring = $45

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-TnazrmnWLU8/TzcD31og6RI/AAAAAAAATMI/gfYA_1rFniQ/s400/20120211_152319.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-21TkVGmxcXY/TzcDrNBdqII/AAAAAAAATME/V5-z4e555lQ/s400/20120211_152301.jpg

Album Link:

This link to FAL Album (http://imgur.com/a/VcgoK)

02-14-2012, 11:46 AM
A couple question with answers from PMs and some more picures for today's bump


I am not currently trading for other fire arms.

The Barrel is the standard 21", with the break, a tad over 22"

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-HP_h3Kf4ipw/TzllVUsBQRI/AAAAAAAATNA/J94iN7u2nAk/s800/Gunwiki%2520922%2528r%2529%2520Worksheet%2520for%2 520FAL%2520Builds%2520-%2520Mozilla%2520Firefox_2012-02-13_11-32-08.png






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02-18-2012, 11:43 AM
Range Day!

No failures, jamms or hangs when cycling under its own power under normal settings. (one mag did not want to feed the first round in with the standard release, but was fine on the second pullback and let fly, i marked the mag body and follower for future reference). I did dial the gas system down too far to the point to FTE, so the bolt would not travel all the way to the rear, but two clicks up on the gas and she was kicking the empties out about 7 feet up and to the tight (vs 17 feet on full gas).

Brass looked good, no scratches on the case, no splits, no blowback, primers looked good.

Sights are dialed in. Started at 50 yards, then went to 100. Sorry for being crappy shot, but got better by the time I was at 100!

I have had these mags since prior to the import restrictions. As I am divesting myself of FALs and 308, I am selling these mags as rebuild kits only.

These rebuild kits are not to be used to assemble a new high capacity magazine which would be in violation of California Law. These rebuild kits are intended to rebuild a legally owned pre-ban magazine or for assembling a 10 round magazine pursuant to California Law.

By purchasing these rebuild kits you accept all responsibility to remain in accordance with California law and any failure to do so will be your sole responsibility.







02-20-2012, 12:10 PM
Per our PM's I will take it.