View Full Version : $89.99 for a Minox MD 8x42 CWP Monocular (24% Off MSRP)

02-13-2012, 7:47 AM
$89.99 for a Minox MD 8x42 CWP Monocular (24% Off MSRP)

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Deal Overview
For adventurers and discoverers, travelers and nature enthusiasts - MINOX now presents an essential companion for all outdoor activities: the MINOX MD 8x42 CWP monocular with integrated compass. Boasting a field of view of 123 m by 1,000 m, 8-fold magnification and an accurate compass this new MINOX MD 8x42 CWP is the perfect constant companion for all those who enjoy outdoor life.

The MINOX MD 8x42 CWP is particularly robust and watertight to a depth of 3 m. With extremely compact dimensions 65 x 61 x 143 mm and a weight of just 370 g, the new MINOX MD 8x42 CWP has an exceptionally good grip and is easy to handle. The convenient single-handed operation enables a comfortable and reliable use, while the sturdy metal body offers optimum protection against external influences for the brilliant optics.

The scope of delivery of the new MINOX MD 8x42 CWP includes a practical wrist strap as well as a soft case.

* 8x Magnification
* Precise and reliable analogue compass
* Extremely compact and easy to use
* Ranging reticle
* Waterproof to 3 meters