View Full Version : Beretta AL391 Urika 2 12ga KO or no KO? Anyone own one?

02-13-2012, 1:40 AM
Hey folks,

I'm thinking of getting a new semi auto and I'm looking at the Beretta U2 12 Ga 28" with and without the KO system..

Any pros or cons to both on the KO system???? Light loads ok with the KO?

I'll first be using this as a Trap/Skeet gun then moving to duck hunting and Sporting Clays.... I've got some small minor back probs so I want to reduce as much recoil if I can help it...

Not interested in a 3,5 chamber or HD shotgun now (hell I can find a pump action HD Rem or Moss for under 400 so whatever)

Handguns up to .357, 45ACP, 40, 44 mag fine for recoil on the wrist/hands....but the pressure on my shoulder with a SG can cause me some back pain the next day... esp if its a pump and 3" 00 heavy loads...

Your thoughts please.. Thanks in advance!!!

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02-13-2012, 5:32 AM
I don't have the AL391, but I have KO on an A400. Other than some extra weight and higher cost, I can't thing of any disadvantages. My wife and my daughter have used this gun with no complaints, and I have used it with everything from light target rounds up to 3-1/2" heavy turkey loads. I think it works great.