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Hi all:

I have been posting here a few weeks, just wanted to check in and introduce myself. Been away from shooting for a few years, life got really busy, had little kids with wife complaining that me shooting ended up eating a whole Sunday (I was a member of the Ojai Valley Gun Club and yes, by the time I drove up to the range, shot for a couple of hours and drove home, it did kill the whole day). Kids are older now, oldest leaving for college in a few months, youngest is working toward Eagle Scout and wants his marksman merit badge so it is the perfect time to get back into shooting.

My favorite is Trap, which I absolutely love but unfortunately the closest place to shoot trap is either Newhall (45 miles east) or the OVGC, (50 miles northwest) so I don't get to shoot very often. I want to try Skeet and I love the few times I have tried Sporting Clays. I want to be a well rounded shooter though so I am interested in becoming a better handgun shooter and long range target shooting with a rifle has a lot of appeal to me. I am not big fan of eating wild game so I have not done much hunting but I totally support hunters and hunting, as long as they eat what they kill. I kind of have an issue with trophy hunting, that seems wasteful in 2012, although I would love to try my hand at Varmint shooting, especially Coyotes. Our local group of Coyotes have killed every cat on our street except ours and up at my in laws ranch in Nor Cal, the local Coyotes have almost killed my in-laws prize ranch dog, twice, lured her out, then attacked her and ripped her side wide open They are cunning and devious and in a way, I really admire them, they are the ultimate adaptable scavenger and we have encroached on their territory but I would like to nail a few of them to even the score ;-)

I also used to have an office up in Thousand Oaks, so when I took lunch, I would grab one of my pistols and go the Agoura range to shoot some targets. It was fun, I could do it in an hour or two. No more Agoura range and I don't have an office up in Thousand Oaks anymore. Unfortunately shooting in Ventura County is an ordeal with few indoor ranges and the few places you can shoot outdoor are a long way from me. It's a shame, I live near an area that has hundreds of acres of wide open space but it is all privately owned or State property with no shooting allowed anywhere. Wish someone would open up a place like Wes Thompson's place in Piru but in Santa Paula or Moorpark. Guess the insurance, the county, the EPA and dealing with irresponsible shooters makes that something that only a masochist would undertake.

I am very excited that Island View Enterprises is opening a new indoor range in Ventura. I have been taking my son to Shooters Paradise in Oxnard but that place is not my favorite. They make you shoot that Leadless Remington UMC or the WinClean Lead Free and that stuff is expensive, the range is old, dumpy and dank. The people that work there are just okay, not especially nice or helpful.

Planning on buying a target/varmint .223 to take out to Wes Thompson's range in Piru and I am going to try shooting some trap out at Oak Tree in Newhall. I am also buying an AR type rifle while I can, I don't particularly need one but since out stupid state government here thinks that I shouldn't have one but I legally can, I am going to buy one and learn more about the whole AR world, it is an interesting subculture in shooting and plinking with an AR seems like it will be a lot of fun.

I am really excited to be back shooting and look forward to shooting with some of you locals at some point.

BTW, thanks to the people who run this website, it is a GREAT source of information and without it, I would have a hard time even figuring out the AR rules, OLL, SSE, etc. The forces that be in California desperately want to totally disarm us, that much is obvious, so I say screw them, I will do everything within my power to help us preserve our 2nd Amendment rights. I am a lifelong, born, bred and raised Southern Californian and I have seen what idiot politicians and policy have done to decimate this once great state.

I am an NRA member, I am planning on joining and donating to the CRPA and CalGuns. What else can I do to help preserve our rights in this backward state?



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Welcome aboard !!

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Hi Dan, welcome to Calguns.

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LOL, you don't like Shooter's Paradise? :confused:
I miss the old Agoura range also.
Welcome Dan.

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome aboard~!

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Welcome aboard.

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Thanks all. As you can tell, I am far too verbose (I am a writer) so if you see me writing too many "letters" on the boards, feel free to call me on it. Why use one word when ten will suffice? :D

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You've just been Calgunned!

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Welcome to Calguns. :)

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Welcome from a fellow new VC'er!

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Welcome to the board

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LOL, you don't like Shooter's Paradise? :confused:
I miss the old Agoura range also.
Welcome Dan.

I like Shooters Paradise because at least they are open and at least they are 15 minutes from my house. I am glad that they exist. But as a small business owner who lives and dies by customer service, to me, they are not customer friendly and so far, from what I have experienced, I don't like that they will not spend the money to upgrade their HVAC ventilation exhaust system so that we don't have to buy the extremely expensive and inconvenient lead-free "clean" ammo. I have a couple of thousand rounds of 9mm and .45 ACP that I can't shoot there so I have to spend a few hundred more to buy the Remington UMC Lead Free or the WinClean ammo, neither of which I like.

Their attitude at SHooters seems to be one of macho, cocky and arrogant, "yeah, if you are a regular, you'll put up with us, but if you are new to this range, take a number."

I visited the guys and gals over at Island View Enterprises in Ventura today and got the tour of their new range, it's not finished yet but when it is done, it's going to be very nice. They were busy as heck, I had to stand in line to even get served and when they got to me, they were super cool. They were still unpacking everything from the Ventura Gun Show this weekend so the place is in disarray and under construction but I bought the AR-15 style rifle that I saw over at the show and ordered another bolt-action rifle from them. While I was there, about a dozen people came in and bought guns and range memberships. Nice, nice people, three different people helped me and they were all smiling, polite and seemed genuinely glad to have my business. Wow, what a concept, treat your customers like they aren't an inconvenience.

I know where I will be shooting and buying my guns from now on. Why not go some place where they seem glad to see you and treat you right, rather than a number? BTW, on the rifle I bought, they beat the Bud's Gun Shop price off of the Internet by more than $30.00 OTD. What's not to like?

I am quickly becoming a fan of Island View, they are pros. Man, capitalism works, it will be interesting to see how Shooters responds when some competition enters their market space, this is going to get good and we as the consumers, are the winners as they fight it out to keep market share.


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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome. Where about in VC?

I'm with you on Shooters and Island View. I rarely shoot much because of the fact in VC there is no where to do it. Outdoor is a drive, and the local indoor place just gets old (Shooters). In fact, the only reason I go to the Shooters is the range, but I'm not renewing my membership so I'll be going even less than I do now.

I'm hoping to work out something with Island View. They are indeed a cool group, I've talked with them many times in shop and at the shows. My father bought his Mini-14 from them. I almost bought a shotgun from them but my car broke while the gun was in DROS so I have to 86 that, and they were 100% understanding. I'll go there 1st when I get my taxes because I'm going to pickup some new toys. I'm hoping their product line will expand once the range is going because they really don't have much more now than when they 1st opened.

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welcome aboard !!