View Full Version : Possible SS converted Gew.98

02-10-2012, 6:01 PM
I've roughly covered this but I wanted to double check before I buy, and get some help and advice. From all the SS converted Gew.98's I've seen and all the info I have seen this rifle fits the bill, the only problem is that there isn't a Totenkopf stamp or a SSZZ stamp on the barrel, the only thing on there is a Weimar Eagle. The stock matchez the rifle and the whole damn thing is matching. There's is a Nazi War Eagle holding a swastika on the back of the bolt handle, the front sight base has a Waffenamt, and a Weimar Eagle Waffentamt with an H on the right side of the buttstock, and another one behind the trigger guard, all the other markings are Imperial and Weimar era. What do you think?