View Full Version : Suggestions on 1911 holster with a twist.

02-09-2012, 4:42 PM
Quite literally a twist as I am looking for a holster that would be ideal for a cavalry draw for my 5" 1911.

Sure, you can take any left-handed holster and use for a right-hand cav draw, but I imagine some holsters would be better for it than others.

So my needs are:

Right-side carry, butt forward.
IWB probably preferred but not necessarily depending on the holster
I prefer thumb breaks (I just don't trust tension screws) but who knows, the right holster could change my mind.

I'm really looking for suggestions from folks who carry their 1911's cav draw style and can give suggestions based on their experiences.

Primarily I would use to carry at home or in other areas I can do so. If I ever get a LTC (I live in Santa Clara County so that will be awhile) I will use a shoulder holster primarily, but having a waist holster as another option is not a bad idea.