View Full Version : Plate carriers..how are they *really* supposed to fit properly?

02-08-2012, 8:09 PM
So I am a bit confused about how plate carriers are supposed to fit as opposed to tactical carriers.

Searching through the web I see different opinions about the issue.

Tactical Carriers basically protect the enitre neck/chest/torso/groin area (and more) at the expense of mobility.

Plate carriers on the other hand are designed to only protect a small area of vital organs in the chest region with impacting mobility. Hence you are more agile.

So when I ordered my plate carrier I went by the size dictated by the manufacturer sizing chart which is a Medium with 10x12 plate.

I am 5'8 1/2", 200lbs but I have a large 42" chest and 36" waist. When I wear the medium plate carrier it looks so dang small on me and rides very high exposing around 2" above my belly button .

Also the frontal 10"x12" plate looks so small in relation to my chest area.... almost silly looking really!

If I elect to install the optional cummerbund, I am sure the top edge of the cummerbund will almost touch my armpits, with maybe a 1-2" clearance.

Can anyone kindly direct me to any documentation on the web about the subject on proper fitment of plate carriers? Or based on professional experience tell me your thoughts?

Thanks in Advance...

02-25-2012, 4:23 PM