View Full Version : Want an AR/M4, upper or complete, 14.x", maybe piston, does one exist?

02-08-2012, 12:48 PM

I am looking for an AR/M4 in the following configuration:

14.x" barrel w/ a pinned break/flash suppressor/compensator
Moe-style or railed grip
Piston operation/adjustable (don't really need it, just thought it would be neat to play with)

I have a lower, so a parts kit/upper will do. Or, a complete rifle is okay too.

I realize piston ARs are not cheap, but I'd like to keep it on the lower-cost side. I'm not looking to build a high-end until at this time.

Will you please recommend some sources?

I know the cost will go down if I give up the piston, if so, where should I look?

Thank you.