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03-27-2007, 3:48 PM
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AB 334 Passes Assembly Public Safety
March 27, 2007

At about 4:30 PM, AB 334 was passed 4-3 by the Assembly Public Safety Committee. The committee leader had to find all "YES" committee members to have the votes to pass. Please take the time to thank Assemblyman Aghazarian R-26, Assemblyman Huff, R-60, (sitting in for Assemblyman Anderson) and Assemblywoman Ma D-12, for their NO votes.



03-27-2007, 3:53 PM
Thanks Mike..

For anyone who wants to thank Greg A., here is his website:


03-29-2007, 2:31 PM
We should all take a moment and thank the Assembly members that voted against AB 334. Remember - THE MOST IMPORTANT VOTE IS... the NEXT one!

Those Assemblyfolks to thank are...
Assemblyman Aghazarian R-26
Assemblyman Huff, R-60, (sitting in for Assemblyman Anderson)
and especially...
Assemblywoman Ma, D-12 (that's San Francisco, folks! What a great district in which to see common sense appear!)

BTW, I MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU! Contact info for the major gun-related legislative bodies and committees is available at...
...just below the list of ONE-CLICK issues. (And we'll add more committees if we need to.)

Just click on the "Assembly Public Safety" and you will find Assemblywoman Ma's email, website, local and capitol phone numbers, as well as the others.

And please remember - we don't have to live in any specific district to call, fax or email our thanks - I sent along mine. This was a committee vote affecting all Californians - one should not have to live in one of those few districts of the committee members to have input!

(I'm going to post this info in the other AB 334 thread too.)