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03-27-2007, 2:43 PM

How important do you consider your Second Amendment rights?
We want to find out! Visit www.jpfo.org/voterpoll.htm to take
part in our Second Amendment voter poll. You can only vote
once, so make sure you answer all of the questions before
submitting your response! And make sure to tell others to
vote in this critically important poll!

Speaking of the Second Amendment: One of the most common
arguments gun-prohibitionists use is that the term "militia"
in the Second Amendment refers to States' right to maintain
an army -- that is, the National Guard. We all know better,
and now there's proof. Visit www.jpfo.org/militia.htm to see
a scan of an ORIGINAL 1771 edition of the Encyclopaedia
Britannica (yes, it's that old!). You won't be surprised at
how it defines "milita" ... but the anti-gunners might!

This makes great ammunition for the "state militia" believers,
proving that the Second Amendment is indeed an _individual_
right, not a right reserved to states. The 1968 Gun Control
Act is a MAJOR infringement on that right, and we must leave
no stone left unturned in our efforts to abolish the GCA and
ALL federal control and regulation of firearms, as well as
the BATFE. See www.thegangmovie.com and
www.jpfo.org/bootbatfe.htm for more information on our fight
to do just that.

03-27-2007, 3:00 PM
After my vote this is what the poll showed.

Voter 2nd Amendment Poll

1. Would you vote for a political party that you normally would not vote for if that party made the abolition of ALL Federal gun control laws and the BATFE a plank of their campaign?

Yes # %
435 93%
30 6%


2. If neither of the two major parties made the abolition of all Federal gun control laws and the BATFE a plank of their campaign, would you vote for a third party that did?

Yes # %
413 89%
49 10%


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03-27-2007, 4:39 PM
Yes 641 93%
No 42 6%

Yes 607 89%
No 72 10%