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03-27-2007, 1:36 PM
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AB 334 Fails First Committee Vote - KEEP CALLING
March 27, 2007

This bill would make it an infraction for any person whose handgun is stolen or irretrievably lost to, within 5 working days after his or her discovery or knowledge of, or within 5 working days after the date he or she should reasonably have known of, the theft or loss, fail to report the theft or loss to a local law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred or in which the person resides. The bill would provide that local governments are not prohibited from enacting ordinances imposing reporting requirements that are more strict than those specified in the bill.

03/27/2007 - AB 334 has failed it's first vote in the Assembly Public Safety Committee (http://calnra.com/legs/asmpubsafety.shtml). The vote was 2 NO, 1 YES. The bill remains "on call" and may be voted on again at anytime. Special thanks to Assemblyman Aghazarian and Assemblywoman Ma for their NO votes. Please thank the committee and continue to urge a NO vote on AB 334.

Supporting information and ONE-CLICK service has been established for this issue at:

Contact info for committee members is available at:


03-27-2007, 2:11 PM
If your going to email Ma Id use the SF zip code because it probably wont accept a zip code from anywhere but SF.
ANyhow, email sent to Ma

And I will get another off the the Republican soon but I thought it was important to make sure the "D" needed to know the Calguns/NRA members are watching.:)

03-27-2007, 2:33 PM
If your going to email Ma Id use the SF zip code because it probably wont accept a zip code from anywhere but SF.
ANyhow, email sent to Ma

And I will get another off the the Republican soon but I thought it was important to make sure the "D" needed to know the Calguns/NRA members are watching.:)
This is a committee issue. Each committee member's vote is affecting EVERY Californian, not just their constituents. And most Californian's Assemblyperson is not on that commiteee (like mine), but that doesn't mean we should just sit down and shut up, of course.

In my experience, lawmakers are usually quite receptive to thanks and input that supports their vote, even if it doesn't come from their district. Wouldn't you? Your email may even be read in the commitee to support their vote. Crazier things have happened :-)


PS. FWIW, here's what I just sent Ms. Ma...

Assemblywoman Ma,

It is not good public policy to place law-abiding citizens and law enforcement in an adversarial position. If my gun were lost or stolen, I'd of course be HAPPY to work with the police to recover it - UNLESS I'm subject to prosecution because someone THINKS I KNEW ABOUT IT (what?) or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT (what?) and didn't report it. Then I would choose to employ an attorney and not to work with police, but protect me from their possible mistaken focus.

This kind of legislation is chilling in it's scope and true intent - allowing localities to seriously double-victimize victims of crime/loss. Your common sense is appreciated more than you know. Too many California lawmakers pounce on anything that involves guns or gun-owners while ignoring responsibility, training and heritage. I believe that public policy that reinforces such traditionally valuable qualities yields immediate benefits to the public and is also an investment in the future.

The public is not the enemy. Please continue to vote against AB 334,

Mike Haas
California resident since 1977

03-27-2007, 3:46 PM
At about 4:30 PM, AB 334 was passed 4-3 by the Assembly Public Safety Committee. The committee leader had to find all "YES" committee members to have the votes to pass. Please take the time to thank Assemblyman Aghazarian R-26, Assemblyman Huff, R-60, (sitting in for Assemblyman Anderson) and Assemblywoman Ma D-12, for their NO votes.



03-27-2007, 5:12 PM
Folks if these bills dont get called on we will have a new bill next year to ***** about. Its important to fight these and not let them gain traction or we will asking ourselves how did this happen.

Im all for checking into the rest of whats going on but this thread hit the bottom like a ton of bricks and its now onto the next step, we wont win anything with that type of response to the NRA asking us to do our part.

Thanks for everyone who called.:)

03-27-2007, 5:45 PM
I sent an email when I saw the first thread last week.

Mike, thanks for all your updates and help and everything.

I personally greatly appreciate your effort.

03-27-2007, 6:10 PM
I got the CalNRA email notification, but was unable to respond prior to 4:30pm. I'm contacting the committee members who voted against to thank them.

Thanks for keeping the info live, Mike.

Dont Tread on Me
03-27-2007, 6:32 PM

I'm having trouble contacting these representatives.

Greg Aghazarian has no e-mail listed and his Web form will not take requests from an address outside of his district (BS I know his vote impacts us all)

Ma sent an auto reply to my e-mail saying she will only read messages that come through her Web link. Same problem. She only lets you contact her if you are in her district.

Huff is not listed on the public service committee contact list you reference.

I want to help and send the thank you messages but I'm blocked. We've got to make this really easy else people just won't do it.

Dont Tread on Me
03-27-2007, 6:48 PM
I think I've figured the address format out:


03-29-2007, 2:30 PM
Correction to whoever edited the title...

AB 334 FAILED it's first Assembly Public Safety vote. It passed on a subsequent vote, but the committee leader didn't have the votes to pass until he rounded up all the absent committee members. Final vote was 4-3.


We should all take a moment and thank the Assembly members that voted against AB 334. Remember - THE MOST IMPORTANT VOTE IS... the NEXT one!

Those Assemblyfolks to thank are...
Assemblyman Aghazarian R-26
Assemblyman Huff, R-60, (sitting in for Assemblyman Anderson)
and especially...
Assemblywoman Ma, D-12 (that's San Francisco, folks! What a great district in which to see common sense appear!)

BTW, I MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU! Contact info for the major gun-related legislative bodies and committees is available at...
...just below the list of ONE-CLICK issues. (And we'll add more committees if we need to.)

Just click on the "Assembly Public Safety" and you will find Assemblywoman Ma's email, website, local and capitol phone numbers, as well as the others.

And please remember - we don't have to live in any specific district to call, fax or email our thanks - I sent along mine. This was a committee vote affecting all Californians - one should not have to live in one of those few districts of the committee members to have input!

(I'm going to post this info in the other AB 334 thread too.)