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02-06-2012, 3:31 PM
My brother is in the Marines. He has some off list pistols. He is stationed in North Carolina (has been there couple years now), but still a CA resident, as well as NC resident per PCS orders. His CA address is my address, he does not want to leave his pistols in NC just because. He wants to send them to me to safe keep... but legally I cannot take the pistols because inter-family transfers does not work brother to brother... right?? But.... can he send paperwork to register the gun in CA which will then enable me to buy from him ppt all the while he is still in NC? Or does he not need to register it in CA? Since he is already a CA resident when acquiring them? We talked about him bringing it home and just leaving it in my safe. I do frequent BLM land and the local range a lot. Will be shooting his pistols but what exactly are the regulations/laws on "borrowing/using" anothers Firearm? Also.... He probably might not even come home for his leave... so can he ship it? Any way I am allowd to pick it up?? I'm assuming no?? Other option is to inter-family transfer to my mom then turn around give to me but then it will have to be a DROS 1 every 30 days correct? But!... mother isn't too fond of our interests in (her words) "that only da gaaaaansturrr stufffffu" far from gangster ma! Im a working class hero! Anyways... storing it in my safe while he is away seems to be best idea cost wise; however he is planning to just give them to me since I convinced him :). So why not just get them in my name right since I'm going to be shooting a lot? Is this in any way considered a "straw purchase" if he "sells" all of his off roster guns via FFL to FFL to his much beloved wiser more awesome older brother?? Don't remember exactly what guns he has, the only one I'm really really interested in is his Coonan 357, but id be glad to take the rest of the unwanted pistols off his hands. Only reason I haven't much a collection is the lady won't let me spend my, er..... "our" moneis.... sooooo what's best way to do this?since this will be interstate ppt I can assume single shot exemption for these off list guns will be exempt?? I'm just trying to do this the most legal way possible and if I can help it most cost effective. Just trying to find out now so later in the coming months of his transfer he knows what to do with the paperweights... BTW I'm typing from my phone sooo if I jarbled and jumbled what I'm trying to say I apologize ahead of time.

02-06-2012, 3:44 PM
If he cannot bring them to CA in person, have him ship them to himself at his legal residence in CA (which happens to be your house). When you receive them, put them in a safe because only he can open the boxes. Once he opens the boxes, he has 30days to submit voluntary registration forms.

If he is able to bring them personally into CA, he can leave them in his legal residence (your house). Once he brings them into CA, he has 30days to submit voluntary registration forms. If you want to borrow them when he is not present, you'll be better off having written authorization just incase something happens.

If you want to transfer them into your name, both of you have to go to a CA dealer together and PPT them to you. This is possible since both of you are CA residents. Also, 1/30 doesn't apply to PPT's and no SSE is necessary. If he is not able to perform a F2F PPT, it won't be a PPT and all the non-roster and 1/30 exemptions no longer apply.

Make sure no large capacity magazines are imported into the state and none of the firearms are CA AW's.

02-06-2012, 3:59 PM
Coool beansss that clarified things. Now I just gotta convince him to come home on leave to make it easier.... guess I'll have to front his flight.