View Full Version : WTB HK Mark 23 Barrel

02-05-2012, 7:01 AM
Looking for a HK MK 23 barrel. De threaded would be a plus.

If that doesn't work out or the barrel is still threaded, I'm also looking for some so cal recommendations for gunsmiths that can dethread a factory barrel and touch up the blued finish. Do people that de thread these things generally just lathe off the threading or do the remove the entire last half inch of the barrel?

It's generally been a philosophy of mine (in life and firearms) to treasure every inch you're given. I just don't know how well I'd sleep at night knowing that Barabara Boxer and/or Dianne Feinstein want 'just the tip' from me. As they say, you give em an inch and they take a mile.


PS For all the HK purists out there, no I'm not destroying my OEM HK barrel.