View Full Version : Upgrading Upper Rail Option

02-04-2012, 12:54 AM
So you have the option to upgrade your uppers hand guards to YHM Diamond Rail Rifle rail pkg.

I assume that that means that you get the rifle length hand guard and a lowpro gas block installed.

My question is if in the comments when ordering if you say something like:
Please substitute Specter length YHM Diamond hand guards instead of Rifle length

Would you be able to do that custom order?

Hopefully it shouldn't be an issue as the Specter is probably cheaper for you then the Rifle length anyways.

BTW I noticed that your search has a minimum of 3 characters needed but if you search for a word with 3 it says "Your search returns no results."

Instead of saying "Minimum Search query length is 3" like it does when you only put 2 characters in.

Might want to think about turning off the limit when you sell products that are only 3 letters long. YHM, MOE, CTR, LPK, Pin to name a few

You guys rock keep up the good work!

Palmetto State Armory
02-06-2012, 5:50 AM
Yes, you should be able to get the specter length instead of the rifle. They will just need to confirm that we have that length in stock. I would contact customer service after ordering to confirm the order request.

I will let our IT person know about the search query limitations. Thanks for the feedback.