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02-03-2012, 1:31 PM
Noveske Rogue Hunter 18" complete upper shipped brand new in box from Noveske 4 weeks ago!


It has the Troy rail, BCM Gunfighter med charging handle and Noveske full auto BCG, stainless barrel etc it's awesome.

I added a set of Magpul Back up sights ($80) & a a AAC Blackout Flash hider ($60), Magpul AFG2 ($30) (total $170)

Retail on this upper is $1,030 + shipping

I have tested a lower of mine with this upper and fired 40 rounds of Federal XM 855 62gr, if I didnt mention it you would never know.

I recently purchased a Kris's and and an Acog for my M4 so I can't afford to keep this setup too, I have matching Noveske lower as well if interested ill make a great deal.

So this upper is at $1200+ shipping

I'm discounting it $300 for basically test firing it.

I will ship on your dime . Priced @ $900

Located in North OC

02-03-2012, 1:43 PM
O yes it comes complete in the original Noveske Box with Stickers and a hat!

02-18-2012, 9:23 PM
Can you provide details on the lower?