View Full Version : LAC Code 13.66 and CA PC 246.3

02-01-2012, 6:14 PM
Esoteric thread title, I know, here's the deal...

The kids want to shoot BB guns and I don't want to drive all over BFE and/or pay money to use an actual firearms range to do so. My city of residence (as do most cities) makes it a misdemeanor to use my own property for this purpose.

Los Angeles County has section 13.66 covering firearms but that section does not apply to BB guns/air rifles etc. CA PC 246.3 is applicable only if negligence and the possibility of harm to others is present; so I read all of the resources to say that in an unincorporated part of LA county (which is also NOT in the National Forest or County Park), it would in fact be legal to shoot a BB gun provided it was done in a safe (i.e. not negligent or possibly causing injury or death IAW CA PC 246.3) manner.

There are sporadic older threads about BB guns on CG but none seemed very specific to this situation and none of them well fleshed out either...

So what opinions or additional information can the CalGuns community offer here? Comments, suggestions, and even snide remarks are welcome (I know, I'll be sorry for that last one). Have I missed anything? Am I too paranoid? Not paranoid enough? Lemme know.


02-01-2012, 6:43 PM
Backyard, be safe, only your kids (don't want some friend's mom freaking out), mind the neighbors if they're a pain.