View Full Version : stopped by the other day

01-30-2012, 8:39 PM
Kinda bummed you didnt carry any moe stocks in commercial spec so I ended up buying another mil spec tube for the str I accidentally ordered from brownels like that.

What I did like is some of the pricing I saw while was there. 2 years ago when I bought my acr you guys were not competitive with online pricing. Now however you are very competitive with at least the two things I looked at the black ACR which I ended up buying and the 12 gauge patterned ar which as soon as my old man gets back in town he will be buying from you. Actually on the 12 gauge it would be actually cheaper to buy it from you than any place we looked after he saw it at shot show a couple weeks ago.

My old man has never been in there despite going into grants for guns numerous times, neither has the people he snob knobs with so its something you might consider looking into - supporting a rotary function ect as I know some of them and they are black rifle hoarders that might rival your in stock selection.

I have always liked most of your pricing and I have bought alot from you guys because your people are easy to deal with, I just noticed on a couple of things it had gotten even better.