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Please delete

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Please post a price for the rifle.

9) For Sale threads must have a price listed.
If you are unsure of what you want to ask for an item list a price you think is slightly higher than what you want to get and simply state, 'willing to negotiate'. You can also add 'OBO' (Or Best Offer) after your projected price. While this means you are willing to entertain offers it is NOT a license to auction, neither does it mean that it is acceptable to take a higher offer after you have agreed to a price and a deal. The listing price must be one the seller would accept if a buyer were to make an offer at that price. Editing the original post to raise the price after an offer at that price has been made creating a 'hidden auction' is unacceptable. The seller may accept an offer higher than the price listed, either from motivated buyer or due to unique circumstance such as special shipping requirements providing no offer or deal has been made at the listed price prior to the higher offer.

01-24-2012, 5:28 PM
offer already fell through.... next!!!

01-25-2012, 2:26 AM
That rifle appears to have some detail characteristics which would establish it to be 1940's production, but close-up pictures of the barrel address and the action would establish that more certainly. A photo of the left side of the receiver would identify which of several sight variants that one was built for......either 'bare', the most common version, or with two tapped holes for a Lyman sight, or a milled flat with three tapped holes for the Winchester aperture sight.

Any 69A has to be more than fifty years old (the last ones were built in 1957 or '58, if I remember correctly), so, until 1 Jan of next year, it may be legally sold privately on a 'cash and carry' basis.



01-25-2012, 9:07 AM