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01-23-2012, 9:01 AM
WTS in Orange County - SPF - **LWRC Pistol is still for sale or trade**
One badass Sig Sauer P229 (.40 S&W) in DAK (Double Action Kellerman)- with night sights. This thing is clean as f*ck!

The double-action only P229 has a small hammer and no safety.

SIG released an altered version of the double-action only (DAO) pistols called the DAK (for Double Action Kellerman, after the designer of the system). When firing the pistol the first trigger pull is 6.5 lbf (compared to 10 pounds for the standard DAO). After the pistol fires and the trigger is released forward, the trigger has an intermediate reset point that is approximately halfway to the trigger at rest position. The trigger pull from this intermediate reset point is 8.5 lbf (38 N). If the trigger is released all the way forward, this will engage the primary trigger reset and have a trigger pull of 6.5 lbf (29 N). To engage the intermediate reset, the trigger must be held to the rear while the slide is cycled, either manually or by the recoil of a round being fired.

This is the current issue pistol for our US Coast Guard.

This weapon is lightly used, and is in overall superb condition. I got it in trade from another Calgunner.
She has no blemishes or idiot marks. She has sat in my safe, in dehumidified comfort, mostly conversing and playing poker with her Sig and Glock friends.
The round count is 500. She was just sent to SIG for checks as well so a Red Sig Box will be included.
Like I said before she is in excellent condition, with no finish wear, nicks or scratches. Also, she hasn't been holstered.

The only reason I am selling her is because I have one of her twins, and I don't do too much akimbo duel wielding Hollywood-esc shooting. :38: :2guns:

Sorry, but I want to keep this relatively local, so no shipping

I am selling her for $800 cash, but will consider some trades.
Trades I'd be interested in are:
Ak-74 (Bulgy, Russian, Polish Tantal, NoDak Spud)
Waffen Werks AK-54r

Something to ad to a trade:
I also have a Brand New unused complete LWRC Pistol Lower in OD Green in 5.56 w/Magpul grip. $700

This is with the hammer cocked. Perfect for concealed carry (provided you have a CCW)!

^^On the front of the grip (on the actual frame), there's a little whitish discoloration on the serrations. That is not a defect, something was just on there in the shot^^

Only post "I'll take it" in this thread.
All offers and questions need to be PM'd.

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Bump for a badass Sig.

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Bump! Let's get this thing sold!

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PM sent.

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Sig SPF.