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01-21-2012, 8:30 PM
I bought a Winchester 88 today - kind of screwed up though and didn't get to use the C & R/COE as a result.

First, I wasn't sure if the 88 (made from 55 to about 73 I think) was C & R eligible and 2nd, if it wasn't C & R eligible regardless of age was this particular rifle (serial #104XX) over 50 years old. So I started DROS today & the 10 day wait.

As it turns out all 88s are C & R eligible and according to the serial number mine was made 1st year of production. So I should have walked with it but did not .... :mad:

Can I "undo" the start of DROS & 10 day wait and just grab the gun?

Also, am I correct that with the C & R/COE on a +50 long gun I don't need to do DROS at all, I don't incur that cost? I ask because I just bought a Remington 141 - no tax, no DROS charge.

I won't be back in SJ for about a week anyway, so if there's no $$$ to save I figure I'll just let it stand.

BTW, is a 1st year 88 any more desireable than later years? The gun's between 90 - 95%, no blue wear and just a few rub marks on the stock finish by the buttplate. Paid $650.00

01-21-2012, 9:33 PM
If you bought it from a dealer, you still have to pay the DROS. A COE just lets you walk out the door with it.


01-21-2012, 9:43 PM
A first year would be pre 64' and all Winchester Pre 64' are worth more. Before firing it along with the usuall checks, inspect the one tiny, itsy, bitsy screw in the front of the stock that holds the barrel to the stock. They are notorious for coming lose. My dad has two of these one in 308 and one in 350win. Other problems triggers notoriously bad, and levers like to lock up. Hopefully yours has been to gunsmith and been fixed.