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01-20-2012, 4:10 PM
Up for sale is my Kahr P380. This is the off roster version with night sights and no loaded chamber indicator. The gun itself is about 2 1/2 years old and the night sights are about 2 years. They still glow like when they were new (I believe they are dated 09, but could swear I put them on in early 2010). This gun has maybe 200 to 300 rounds through it. It is reliable and shoots ball ammo like PMC and others, as well as CorBon DPX 80 grain, Winchester, and Gold Dot hollow points.

I am looking to get $500 firm for this gun with 1 mag and buyer pays for DROS. This a good opportunity to get a reliable .380 with night sights and without that ugly loaded chamber indicator. Because this is an off roster, the transaction has to be face to face.

I prefer to do the transfer at Triple A's in Vallejo. Please do not post in the thread that you will take it and then try to meet me somewhere else. I'm not opposed to meeting elsewhere, but PM me first so we can agree to the location before posting you'll take it. Thanks for looking!


01-31-2012, 6:08 PM
Bump - I have a black one if two tone isn't your thing. The spots on the top of the slide in front of the rear sight are marks from being bumped. They are not scratches in the metal, but won't rub off either. This one is less than a year old. Shoots CorBon DPX hollow points and PMC ball without a problem, but hates Fiochi. Only has about 100 rounds through it though so it could just need the recommended 500 round break in to shoot everything. Price is the same, even though I paid $100 more for the black one than the two tone. I bought it after Kahr started raising their prices. I am just trying to pay off that LWRC.


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Nothing negative about above pistols, just took my questions to PM instead.