View Full Version : Rossi EMF Hartford 1892 Winchester Copy SOLD

Lucas McDennis
01-20-2012, 4:58 PM

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I still have too many Cowboy Action rifles; this is the backup of a backup of a backup. I bought this gun new about a year ago. It was one of the last of the EMF Hartfords built

by Rossi before Taurus terminated the contract. The EMF Hartford has some special features such as the brass-beaded front sight, the tang is pre-drilled and tapped to accept a

tang sight (not included), and it came with a buck-horn rear sight which I replaced with a flat Marbles sight. Original buckhorn sight comes with the gun.

It has a 24" blued octagonal barrel, and case-hardened receiver.

The only other changes I made were replacing the plastic mag-follower with a stainless steel unit, and the unsightly, unhandy safety is replaced by a blued plug. The safety parts

are included, in case you prefer them. The plastic mag follower went into the trash where it belongs.

To date it's sighted-in with about 50 rounds of light cowboy-action type cast lead bullets; no high pressure loads, and nothing but lead bullets have been down the barrel since it

left the factory.

If I have done things right, you should see embedded photos below.

Again, you can call me at Four Zero Eight-203-Seven-Eight-One-Seven